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By Taiye Olaniyi

Without mincing words, there is no doubt that humanity is at a crossroads, the humanness in humans that make humanity is already disfigured and of course, human habitations and habitats are daily being endangered at all fronts and in all sorts of manners.

Humans are becoming more destructive of their present and upcoming generations just as their environments get daily decayed and enabling for long life and prosperity.

Man to man has been so unjust to the level of being unfeeling of the fate and misfortunes of others. These aberrations become more pronounced in politics and religions with the bitter admixture of both culminating in the repudiation of God's works in creation and creatures of which man is the major object and subject of a growing penchant for madness here and there.

Politics the world over is full of bitterness, it is a theatre of war for aspirants, winners and losers, and debilitating entrepreneurs. A slave trade that thrives on oppression and suppression yet a must-do and must-practiced facet of humanity's existence. It is however not politics itself that is bad but most times the inhuman virus injected into it by those who ordinarily should be sane but get the world webbed and entangled in myriad infernos.

While supporting or opposing, if oppressing or suppressing, both rulers and the ruled lay claims to being owners and rightful possessors of certain possessions and from all indications, land, repository of all resources created by the Creator in His creation, invariably bring woes and calamities, misery and cataclysmic assurances that the tomorrow of man may be worse than time past if sanity remains uncommon amongst communities of man.

Since no single individual can gain the whole wide world, it becomes more expedient that the whole of humanity equally appreciates God, Nature, and Man for the stability of human habitations and habitats to forestall environmental degradation of a titanic nature.

There is a need for environmental observations, studies, conservation, and renewal rather than incessant violation of natural laws embedded in nature and environment taking cognizance that natural laws are no respecter of anybody, rich or poor, religious or non-religious, oppressed or agitators, agitating or avenging, dialoguing or not negotiating.

We need to note that the Sun, Moon Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn shall never stop emitting and evicting their planetary influences, water in their aquatics shall continue to find its levels, the land shall continue to adjust and readjust while the air we breath shall continue to make or mar human existence the ways we upload and or download into and unto the environment.

Heaven has no business with flooding, volcanic eruption, earthquake, and other environmental disasters, churches, and mosques can collapse, and hotels and restaurants including human habitations and habitats can be flattened within seconds. But nobody else moans and gnashes teeth only humans do if privileged to live to witness such heart-rending calamities.

Nature does not care who lives rightly or wrongly it only manifests its laws and performs its Creator-ordained oversight functions by supporting he that nurtures nature and taking tolls the lives of those who may violate by the discharge of chemicals in war-torn areas, vandalization, and blowing of pipes yielding to oil spillage as Nigeria now experiences in the Northeast and Niger Delta respectively.

Incessant blockages of canals and rivers, the perforation of ozone layers, the unregulated sinking of boreholes, rampant deforestation of vegetal covers, and general destruction of the environment have again reinforced what Dr. Kenneth Idiodi, a Rosicrucian sage refers to in his Sanctum Musing as "Man the Problem, Man the Solution".

Since "heaven can only help those who help themselves," it is therefore obvious and real we think right, speak right, and do right in our various relationships with God, Nature, and Man.

May the heavenly hosts lead us aright as creatures of the Creator in Creator's creation so that like Henry Carpenter submits, "God I am thinking Thy thoughts after Thee", and we marry in the thoughts of Jimmy Cliff, "Remake the World with Love and Happiness".

My Best Wishes for Peace Profound.

Mr Taiye Olaniyi is a retired Civil Servant.

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