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GSM Mission

Global South Media (GSM) is an independent Journal that provides a venue for journalists, writers, analysts and experts to disseminate content on a wide-range of subjects that are often overlooked or under-represented by Western media.

Despite the combined Global South areas containing over 70% of the world’s population, news and analyses about the global south are presented with a Western/American slant. This is where GSM enters as an Afrocentric forum that will provide alternative, in-depth analysis, and perspectives on news and current events. We aim to emphasize precision journalism, backed by figures, facts, data, and informed analysis.

To achieve this goal, Global South Media publishes original content – as well as that provided by collaborating organizations – with distinct and varied points-of-view. 

As GSM is an independent organization, our approach is to seek to present all sides to an issue – something that we believe allows readers to then make informed decisions.

GSM Objectives

To these ends, GSM seeks to not only work with established organizations and individuals with a view towards creating a platform that is built on the core canons of journalism, namely integrity, objectivity and truth. 

Above all, it is our earnest hope that Journalism can help build a world in which ethics, honesty and integrity can be applied to Business, Politics and the Social Sciences. We aim to be a support vehicle for the next generation of journalists, writers and academics as well as for experts in Public and International Relations, Higher Education, Independent Thinkers, and Public Intellectuals.

GSM Goals

GSM Founders

Kola King

Tunde Akande

Samuel Odunsi, Sr.

GSM Contact

If you – or your organization – would be interested in partnering with our network please contact us at:

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