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Politics has become all comers' affairs, grazing land for a mixed grill of people who ordinarily should be thinkers but in Nigeria are tinkers tinkling with the lives of people they promise to serve.

By Taiye Olaniyi

Politics has become all comers’ affairs, grazing land for a mixed grill of people who ordinarily should be thinkers but in Nigeria are tinkers tinkling with the lives of people they promise to serve.

Pastoral farming in its nomadic form is asking the shepherds of the flocks carefully take care of their flocks for the provision of animal foods for human consumption.

Animals too depend and feed on plants and species in the plant kingdom.

When nature goes abloom and plants become so luxuriant everywhere, shepherds and their flocks are happy in and out as they wouldn’t need to pace and stray in distances thus creating conflicts here and there.

However when nature in its natural form and also due to human violation of its laws goes distances in its tolls, shepherds, and flocks pillage and conflict over where to pasture, graze and eat and then, conflicts of interest.

In advanced civilization animal husbandry and other agricultural practices relate to culture and technology with the environment and its ever-changing trends due to its use / and misuse.

Regular and constant researches by researchers, their findings help to build and rebuild food production for the teeming population.

But in a society so polluted by abject ignorance, fanaticism, and primitivity to how things of the past should ever remain the practice, then the biblical allusion that “Old wine is not good in new skin” comes to the one on the way of human actions of degeneration to lower animals.

Land utilization and the laws guiding their usages for what at where ordinarily should connote people-oriented arrangements but when such follow the dictates of politics and power therein then consciousness in consciencelessness brings trouble, trouble, trouble.

In the grazing yard of politicians what is graze is grazing in the opulence of the few, in their colonies are colonialists cutting corners, capitalizing on their powers, and sharing laws that only protect the interests of the few against the survival of many millions of helpless and hopeless Nigerians.

Can we briefly reflect now that thousands of lives are getting lost daily, what becomes of Nigerians when the arid and desert land extends the horizon of dryness and fringes of desertification.? Think about it.

Could Nigerians truly jaw and dialogue without the admixture of the necessity of good intentions with that of politics of fiendish extension? Think about it.

Can the colony of politicians truly make democracy an ideal practice of governance than the current trend of mere aristocratic and theocratic power play and imperialistic urges that surge us all into conflicts all the time? Think about it.

Can human blood be replaced with that of “zobo” whose color is red but not the blood that only God, the Divine creates for our existence as human beings in creation? Think about it.

Now that Nigeria and Nigerians in our Nigeria seem lost in transit when would the real tenets of patriotism philosophy, and purposeful meanings be inculcated as values and virtues of true nationhood? Think about it.

For aspirants left and right, from the cardinal points such as North- South, East – West, when will the stoppage come in the philosophy that stage one race, religion, political party, and politicians as superior to those species of humans regarded as inferior? And let’s think about it.

True humans come in the ways of tints of seeing all as creatures of God in varying dispositions and fancies, grazing in different fields of existence and seedlings, and planting love all over for the generality of all.

Sane and humane politics require being honest and truthful in the dispensation of justice when laws are made and all in all, that every human life originates from God.

That one day we all shall give individually our account as to how we have either helped our Creator being creative in His creation and/or the otherwise of it, how you mar His works in creation, the perdition of souls as you maim and kill.

All in all, let us reason together to make the best of bad situations in the colony of politics and as we reside in aspirations of why to rule, misrule, and be ruled.

While grazing in thoughts let it be said loud and clear, “Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow are You moving Forward in Thoughts and Conducts?”.

Now is the time, for Time Will Tell, Time Will Tell, Time will always Tell.

Taiye Olaniyi, a retired Postman of the Nigeria Postal Service, is based in Lagos.


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