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Humane Dogs And Animalistic Humans

Man is created as the "Centre Piece" of the Supernal Glory of God, but most times behaves very animalistic, killing, maiming, wailing, and creating a daily atmosphere of gnashing of teeth.

By Taiye Olaniyi

Scientists, mystics, and others of sane persuasions say man and dogs, goats, cats, monkeys, baboons, lions, etc belong to the Animal Kingdom on Mother Earth.

We are though members of the same phylum but are slightly or greatly differentiated in modes of living, attitudes, and behaviors.

Some animals are pure herbivores or are herbivorous purely living on plants while several others are carnivorous such as in deep forests away from human habitats. Others of animal stock engage or/ and live their lives on plants and animals, but don’t ask me who they are, for man is mainly in this business of consumption and now the destruction of God’s created creation and creatures.

“What is Man that Thou art mindful of him, and Son of Man that Thou supporteth him?” goes the question raised by the Psalmist. The Psalmist concluded that Man was created a little lower than the Angels but again, the mystics in reverence and adoration to the ever-living God praise the Almighty Allah for letting the angels cling to the biddings of man.

Hmmm since Missy a pet dog was once adopted as a family member by my wife and kids against my inclination for a black cat with eyes like a lion to help ward off some troublesome friends, I could see and perceive love, affection, and bit of humanness in mere a dog. Dangling its tail on the arrival of the Son of Man, peacefully barking, speaking in tongues in happiness, and jumping all over one’s body as the massaging of love convinces me that other animals could prove God’s love for man better than man-to-man seem to be.

Missy would like to kiss with passion, but this height of love cannot be same reciprocated to it.

I do laugh aloud realizing a pet dog could be humane if immersed in an aura that emits harmony, love, and peace.

On the other side of the divide is man, created as the “Centre Piece” of the Supernal Glory of God but most times behaving very animalistic, killing, maiming, wailing, and creating a daily atmosphere of gnashing of teeth.

Man of today now seems a regret why God ever thought of creating him, a regret to other creatures including the man himself and to fully represent the “woman folk”, I say ” herself” all-in-all, ” Ourselves.”

Because man will always come to steal day and night, barking and devouring dogs abound in houses always pouncing on even harmless visitors and guests, such, rather than trained to love are to harass and bark at the intruders.

When man resorts to drugs and their abuses, dogs of Security status are imported and on the payroll of the Police, Army, and Federal Service Civil Defence Corp to sniff, arrest or maybe disembowel recalcitrant culprits all in an attempt to make humane the Nigerian animalistic humans.

We are in today’s Nigeria engulfed in an era of a dark age where barbarism is observed in some religious orders and cannibalism in materialism is the order of politics and politicians.

As humans which God has made us, should we always have to make kilishi of ourselves, roasted useless creatures of God, or try to learn how Humane cats and dogs could be when they play together according to the observation of Brother Bob Marley and the Wailing Wailers?

Destructions in Nigeria are daily getting heinous and ungodly and man-to-man is so unjust to such an extent no one knows who to trust. Who then are the enemies, and who are the friends?

In Missy our pet dog, I learned a lesson that lesser animals could be more humane than those humans who display animalistic behaviour whereas by our Creator’s design as the Psalmist claims, ” Man is created a little lower than the Angels.” Are You in Thoughts and Conducts? Think about it.

God bless Nigeria.

Taiye Olaniyi, a retired Postman of the Nigeria Postal Service, is based in Lagos 

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