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The "Self" the personal self especially the part of self long forgotten in self needs to be approached and exhumed.

By Taiye Olaniyi

The mastery of human life as depicted in “Self” cannot and never be achieved without the “conscious interludes” of self in the journey of life.

In life, many say faith and believing in what the Holy Prophets espoused in the scriptures are good enough to subsist and contend with. A few others think that being encyclopedic about scriptural writings and plotting only faith and external observances as enunciated in the scriptures is no totality of tools for unraveling the mystery of life.

The “Self” the personal self especially the part of self-long forgotten in self needs to be approached and exhumed.

I have ever been and will always be tempted to question why my being, my self-existence, and the nonentity of my being are in other realms of existence at one point in time or the other. I cannot afford to take hook line and sinker whatever am told and taught to believe for I am by God, the Creator of every living being, everywhere ordained with freewill to ask, live to the dictates of my conscience, to be given, and to knock so the gates of realms beyond this lean goat like the body of mine be opened unto me.

I cherish my ” Orisa Ibeji” my ” Twin Deity” status which further has proven to me that I am self-separated from the self of my Kehinde, my twin brother who on volition or otherwise decided to decamp to wherever he is now whereas we once both enjoyed the same climes in our mother’s womb. Don’t mind the lazy boy, I am still here living my life as I feel but taking cognizance of the fact by God’s grace the kernel of my being is a repository in God’s breath, the soul essence which imbues the immortal nature of God in one’s being and which if forgotten at one point in time or the other must be reconnected with at conscious interludes.

I know I am more of soul essence as others are but with that uniqueness of self-realization, soul consciousness, this glowing soul essence connects with the spirit by which God be worshiped in truth and righteousness.

Many a man gets emersed in bedecking the outer body with all that could beautify and cosmetic them in the process of being but as our Lord Jesus Christ said, they simply wash the outside of the cup and leave the inside rotten.

They pride themselves in miracles performed, sermons preached, pilgrimages undertaken, prayer and fasting sessions, houses of worship built and destroyed, and jihad undertaken yet their hearts in submission to the Almightiness of God, are like an open sepulcher. Impression abounds with many that only the purpose of their being is going to heaven to dine and wine or/ and co-mingle with damsels of all ages yet, have forgotten the real self, the forgotten self is the soul essence which can only germinate enroute God’s kingdom in pure heart, worthiness and pureness of thoughts and deeds.

In our solitary state, in time of reflection, reconnection, and empowering the forgotten self, let our consciousness be anchored on our soul essence, discarding our mundane pride to live the injunction of a Muslim mystic who once said that ” Now we shall throw you into the fire of spiritual passion and thou shall remain refined”. This tallies with what the claim of born-again is in Christianity as encapsulated in the Holy Bible, ” Therefore if any man is in Christ, he is a new creature, old things have passed away: behold all things are become new”.(2 Corinthians, 5:17).

Hmmmm, by the way, what is your take as regards the forgotten self that really and truly makes you the self you daily discard whereas it is your forgotten “Self”, the gold in yourself? Where lies the mystery of your being and who can best unravel this without your self-involvement?

In search of the forgotten self about the mystery of life, your one and only Son of Man was attracted to a passage in the old Rosicrucian introductory publication, ” The Mastery of Life”, the thoughts which I humbly share for your perusal and reflection.

” Behind You is a Vast Eternity and Before You is another Vast Eternity” What value placement is to You the FORGOTTEN SELF?

Taiye Olaniyi, a retired Postman of the Nigeria Postal Service, is based in Lagos 

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